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What is your style of photography?

I am a natural-light photographer and use flash only when absolutely necessary. My style is to fill the frame by sharply focusing on the subjects while blurring the background. The scenery and background act as a subtle complement to the subjects instead of a distraction.


I keep my photos as natural and true to life as possible. While I may enhance the color or exposure slightly if necessary, I am not a graphic artist. However, I do offer retouching services for an additional fee.


How do you get children to smile?

Every parent knows that when you ask a child to smile, you will probably end up with a row of teeth under expressionless eyes. It's my job to make sure that doesn't happen during your Growphotography shoot! I have adopted several fool-proof techniques that always put children at ease and garner authentic expressions. In fact, my greatest compliment is when children beg to stay once the shoot is over because they are having so much fun!


What is the copyright policy for your photos?

There is no copyright policy with Growphotography -- all photos are copyright free! The images are yours to do with as you wish. It brings me great joy knowing that my clients can enjoy, share and print their photos anytime or anywhere they want. I only ask that if you choose to post your photos online, be sure to title your album “Growphotography.”


How many pictures do you take during a shoot?

I take hundreds of pictures during each shoot. However, once I review all the images, I keep only the best to give to my clients, which is usually between 30-40 photos depending on the specifics of the shoot.


How long do your photo shoots last?

Usually 45 minutes to an hour, but extra time is always allotted so that we are not rushed.


What times are your photo shoots?

I typically schedule shoots for 10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., yet in the summer I can shoot as late as 6:00 p.m. I try to schedule babies, toddlers and preschoolers in the morning, and then school-age children or family shoots in the afternoon. Weekend shoots are no longer offered.


Where do you have your photo shoots?

Almost all of my shoots take place at the Raleigh Rose Garden on Pogue St. I encourage you to peruse the images throughout this site as well as on my blog to get a sense of the diversity and range of settings the Rose Garden has to offer. Children love climbing in the eight-trunk "peek-a-boo tree," searching for the "magic rock" and running through the "rose tunnel." This idyllic, peaceful outdoor studio provides optimal natural light almost all day long and all months of the year.


What is the attire for photo shoots?

Anything in which you feel comfortable, from jeans to your Sunday best! Please be advised that some of the best shots are those in the grass, leaves, etc. so certain clothing may limit setting choices.


I do allow wardrobe changes during the session. I recommend bringing your children in your first choice of outfit and then changing at the end if all is going smoothly.


How do I get my pictures?

You have the option of either picking up your disk 1-2 days after the photo shoot, or it can be mailed to you directly for a fee. The shipping and packaging fee is $15.


How do I get to the Raleigh Rose Garden?

The Raleigh Rose Garden is located behind the Raleigh Little Theater on 301 Pogue St. (It sits down from Pogue St.) There is two-hour parking along the Pogue St. curve.



Growphotography reserves the right to publish or print all images for marketing and promotional purposes unless otherwise noted by the client. Names or contact information will never be shared.